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What is the 2-in-1 Tax Preparation Services?

Say goodbye to the complexities of coordinating with separate tax professionals in different countries.

With us, you'll have a dedicated expert handling your tax obligations for both the US and your country of residence, all consolidated into a single, streamlined process. Experience the convenience of a unified checklist, a sole point of contact, and a straightforward payment structure, ensuring a stress-free and efficient tax journey.

What Should You Expect

Sole Interaction
Experience seamless tax preparation: Only deal with MIL for both US and your country of residence.
Single Checklist
Simplify your process with one comprehensive checklist, ensuring all your tax needs are met effortlessly.
Single Payment
Make a single payment for services, eliminating hassle and confusion.
Meet our Founder

Guided by Michael A. Mertz, a seasoned CPA with a solid corporate background in leading accounting firms like Ernst & Young and PwC, boasting 15 years specializing in expat tax, and having lived abroad for over 25 years across 15 countries, we at MIL are committed to optimizing the finances of US expats worldwide.

Our expertise in navigating diverse tax and business regulations globally enables us to offer unparalleled insights into expat-tax-related matters.

With a keen focus on our 2-in-1 Tax Preparation Service, we channel this extensive experience to streamline your cross-border taxes. Our founder's proficiency in navigating international tax nuances ensures a highly personalized and fulfilling experience for each client, all geared toward maximizing your savings through strategic tax planning.

At MIL, we're dedicated to simplifying expat life by optimizing your finances with our comprehensive 2-in-1 Tax Preparation Service.

$5,000,000+ Tax Savings

Our team managed to save $5,000,000+ in taxes for our US Expat clients for the Year 2023 alone.

Our Process

How Can I Avail the 2-in-1Tax Preparation Services?

Complete Your Intake Form
Begin by sharing your unique expat situation and tax details through our user-friendly client intake form.
Invest in Your Consultation
Invest $300 for your consultation fee, credited against the $1500 2-in-1 Tax Preparation service.
Invest in Your Consultation
Upon verification and approval, secure your consultation slot through a personalized booking link.
Welcome Aboard!
Join our client family and let us expertly handle your cross-border taxes with precision and compliance.
Your Current Situation vs
When You Work with Us
What You Do Now
With MIL's 2-in-1 Tax Preparation
Client Scenario
Engaging independently with two tax professionals handling taxes for different countries or jurisdictions
Both MIL and a tax professional from your country of residence work together, ensuring seamless coordination for your cross-border taxes
Deal with two separate professionals, navigating differing communication styles and requirements.
One dedicated expert for both US and your country of residence, ensuring streamlined communication.
Coordination Complexity
Juggle communication and coordination between two professionals across different time zones and platforms.
Enjoy seamless communication and coordination without multiple intermediaries.
Checklist Management
Manage two distinct tax checklists, potentially leading to duplicated efforts and missed requirements.
Utilize a single comprehensive checklist for both countries' requirements, reducing redundancy.
Payment Handling
Handle separate payments to two professionals, increasing administrative work and potential confusion.
Make a single payment to MIL for ease and transparency in financial transactions.
Lack comprehensive understanding and firsthand expat experience, potentially impacting personalized service quality.
Benefit from the wisdom of an expat founder with 26 years of firsthand experience, ensuring personalized service.
Expertise & Savings, brought to you by Mertz International Limited
Led by an expat founder with 26 years of personal experience, we understand your needs firsthand.
Benefit from our expertise in tax avoidance, ensuring maximum savings for US expats.
Trust our established system, refined over 16 years and serving 6000+ clients globally.
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Alan Kahn
US Expat
Jeffrey Libby
US Expat residing in Thailand
Ashley Love
US Expat
Jack Chuang
Expat in Asia
Joshua Davies
Us Expat in HongKong
Colin McKee
US Expat
Thomas W. Shreve
US Expat
Ken Stearns
US Expat
Eric Carlson
US Expat in China
Wes Wosinski
US Expat in Europe
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