Expat Testimonials

Here’s what clients are saying about our CPA, Mr. Michael A Mertz, and Mertz International Limited.

Mike is excellent! He is very responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
Mike knows how to best structure my income for me to avoid paying unnecessary taxes and minimized my tax liabilities to the full extent.
Mike has amended my 2012-2014 tax returns and prepped my taxes from 2015 - 2017 as well. As a result, i was able to received a tax refund a total of $16k+ USD for the 3 years amended tax returns - mistakes made by my previous accountant.
The problem with most tax accountants are that they are too busy or unavailable - this was not an issue at all. Mike is responsive on e-mail, skype or text. Always available and ready to offer quality advice.
I highly recommend Mike and Mertz International Limited!

Thaili Chi,


I can't thank Michael Mertz enough for his help with my expat taxes! He just saved me $2000 by messaging with me on Facebook. I was so confused about reporting my foreign income on TurboTax, but I followed his advice and figured out how to file a form 2555 and reduce what I owed. Can't believe he would help me over the internet without asking anything in return; I definitely owe him and will probably hire him in the future for my expat taxes.

Kristine Wagner,


Mike and the rest of his team helped me not to only understand my taxes, but also on how to best structure my income to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. He was able to point out what corrections needed to be done from my previous returns to make sure that my tax filings are correct.

As a result, I was able to receive a refund of over $5k USD!

Mike did an exceptional quality of work on my taxes, he is very efficient, honest and trust worthy. I have recommended him to my expat friends living and working outside the US.


Michael Hutchens,

"Michael is very helpful in preparing all of my taxes and dealing with IRS directly to make sure I didn't have to pay undue fees. he also helped advise on the optimal tax structure for me as expat in Asia as well. I would recommend Michael for other expats."

Jack Chuang,

Shanghai, China

Michael A. Mertz has been my CPA for several years and he is a thorough, smart, and trustworthy advisor and accountant. Having been self-employed for many years and living overseas, I have a complicated tax situation. On a regular basis, he helps guide me through the process of organizing my finances and filing my taxes on my behalf. He assists with my tax planning as well. His work as a CPA is impeccable. His character and professionalism make him the best accountant I have worked with, and his work is first rate. I highly recommend him.

Jen Lin-Liu,

Beijing, China

Last year I asked Mike to take over my tax return preparations, and based on his advice we filed amended prior years’ federal tax returns from which I received over $19,000 in refunds.

He knows how to deal with the IRS, and is very knowledgeable about federal and state income tax compliance, as well as tax accounting. He has been extremely helpful throughout the process; specifically in his guidance navigating the federal and state tax laws.
I would recommend Mike without any hesitation.

Jakarta, Indoneisa

Thomas Shreve,

 have enjoyed working with Mike who has helped me prepare not only this year’s taxes, but also the past 3 years of both my US federal and Massachusetts state taxes.
He and his team are very knowledgeable in both returns, especially considering some of the complexities of offshore accounts and onshore investments in standard brokerage accounts as well as real estate. He has managed to save me ~$7K+ USD on federal taxes and $2K+ USD (MA State) taxes after amending my 2013-2015 tax returns. Not only is the money being saved an obviously massive perk but the time I am able to save and overall confidence in “getting it right” has also been a huge save.

Mike is wonderful to work with, dedicated to helping his clients, organized, efficient and very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Mike and I am looking forward to a long-term relationship with him.
Thanks Mike!

Colin McKee,

Hong Kong, SAR

“Michael A Mertz, CPA approached me on Linked In in order to help me get caught up on my US taxes. He prepped 3 years for me and the result was very satisfactory. I was amazed how easy and efficient the entire process was…
The process from NDA’s to Engagement Letter to Skype consultation to a in person meeting in Tokyo was very smooth and easy.
I would recommend to use him for your US tax prep and any other tax-related or accounting questions.

Feel free to talk to me if you would like an in-person recommendation.
Anything I can do to help others to learn more about the service and level of professionalism they will receive from Michael is the least I can do based on the great experience I had.”

Robert Pauling,


Michael is an expert on US Expat taxes. I have used his services as well as recommended him to friends with situations significantly more complicated than mine – all to satisfactory results and money saved. While Michael is not the least expensive option available in terms of the preparation itself, I believe he has greater value for the money than other options when it comes to general peace of mind, money saved on the taxes itself, as well as professionalism/his vast knowledge of the subject. Additionally, I highly appreciate his firm's use of a secure, cloud-based document centre to upload my sensitive information, instead of relying on email or other solutions like other companies. That they invested in my data security to build such a portal is no small thing to me, and one more reason why I recommend his service over others.

Trevor Weltman,

Bangkok, Thailand

Working with Mike was a breeze and productive. He crafted amendments for 2013-2014 to move Foreign Taxes carryovers to 2015, saving me 30K+ USD in year 2015.
Mike is a terrific tax professional who brings a wealth of expertise to everything he does. I highly recommend Mike for the services and knowledge that he brings to the table.
Also like the fact he is dedicated to his profession and takes continuing education as serious as he does.

Ken Stearns,


​​Mertz-International LLC has been my tax consultant since 2009. In this time, he has accurately prepared my US tax returns and provided relevant and timely answers to any and all tax questions asked.
I have been an expatriate living in Europe since 1998 and have worked with several "big name" accounting firms and tax consultants in this time. The quality of the results that I have received from Mertz-International LLC is equal to what I have received from other providers, the service is more personal and the value for money is better.
I endorse Mertz-International LLC as a quality provider of US expatriate tax services.


Wes Wosinski,

I  just wanted to give him an endorsement – he has been doing my taxes for 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier.
We were on the same softball team in Shanghai, I had known him for a couple of years before I got involved with the tax stuff. I reached out to him when I couldn’t find someone in the States that knew how to handle looking at Chinese W2s and year-end tax reports.
Mike has built a decent sized business helping people that work abroad and I have had a great experience working with him. He was able to get the US to refund all of the taxes I paid to the Chinese government, even going back to my first year – 2006. He handled all of the financials surrounding my relocation in 2012 as well as when my wife moved to the US last year and had to bring all of her assets. It was complicated but we made it work and I really couldn’t have done it so cheaply without him.
Anyway, he is a great person to work with, it’s very simple to upload docs to his site and he knows everything there is to know about the special tax requirements of expats. He would make your financial stuff a breeze!

Eric Carlson,


​Michael helped me meet my US tax obligations as an expat; he patiently explained the process and helped me prepare my returns. He is a very knowledgeable, service orientated and friendly tax expert. I will gladly continue to work with Michael and I’m pleased to recommend his professional services to anyone.


Bill Adams,

These are some of what our hundreds of clients are saying about our help with expats taxes. If you are a satisfied client and want to leave a review, it would mean the world to us. Simply just contact us with your testimonial.